How To Lose Weight Fast

Why a Gym Membership Won’t Make You Lose Weight

When you look into the mirror and find you need to shed a few pounds, your first thought would probably be to join a gym. Such memberships are becoming popular as they conjure up visions of fit and trim bodies. But gym memberships do not come cheap. Hefty fees are involved and if you are not able to keep the workout schedules allotted to you, you will end up being a loser. Given below are some of the disadvantages:

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Budget restrictions

As mentioned above, if you have ideas of joining a gym you must be ready to pay the heavy fees involved. Many people earn just enough to take care of their general monthly expenses so the additional burden of gym fees could prove heavy. What you have to keep in mind is that you can keep fit and trim by incorporating the right workouts in your daily weight loss workout routine – without incurring heavy professional fees charged by gyms.

Keeping fit

Want to lose weight? This can be achieved by including workouts such as regular walking, climbing stairs, biking, running or taking up sports such as swimming, tennis or field games like football, hockey etc. You could also do exercises to improve your tone and bodyweight, such as squats, lunges and push-ups. The latter can be done in the comfort of your home and at your own time and convenience. My favourite way to lose weight is with the now famous 6 Week Body Challenge that runs 3 times per year in Sydney Australia.

Required commitment

When you join a gym you have to do so with full commitment. Since gyms are professional health centres you will need to attend the sessions on a regular basis and follow the wight loss plans laid down by the trainers. Definitely when you first take up membership you will be all fire and purpose. But as time goes by the thrill and demands required to keep up with the requirements will tend to fade a bit and you could start skipping sessions. This not only defeats the purpose of joining, it will also prove a waste of your membership fee.

Crowd factor

As mentioned earlier most people who want to lose weight and get fit, rush to join a gym. Not enough thought goes into what such membership will involve. This often results in gyms becoming over-crowded with several members working out at the same time. Not a very encouraging prospect. You would then probably have to wait your turn to use particular equipment; work out in over-crowded, sweaty and often unhygienic conditions; also wait to get the attention of available trainers to guide and assist you. Body transformation programs are also becoming very popular and are great way to shape up fast.

Special gym offers

Because of the abovementioned negative points, many gym managements realise that clients slacken off attending, and do not renew their membership. So they come up with a few tempting offers such as free breakfasts or pizza dinners. Do not get taken in with such offers. If you want to lose weight weight, get fit and trim there are easier and more conducive ways of doing so. Concentrate on a healthy diet, workouts that will suit your convenience and timings, and which will help you to shed those extra pounds – saving you spending on heavy gym fees.